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Handmade Jewelry by Bird of Passage

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Black/White with brass
Black irridescent beads and multi drop
Brass eye with blue beading
Brass with citrine and gold beads
Full/Half Moon hammered brass with shine brass fringe
Brass ovals with Sea glass Triangles
Brass Half Moon/Circles with Blue stones and Onyx spears
Brass - half moon-circle-half circle
Brass beaded eye
Yellow-orange beaded triangles with brass fringe
Brass - half moon - rainbow-circle
Brass circle - one fringe
Brass Circles with Red/White stripe
Tortoise Hoops with Hand Beaded Sage Fringe
Long Beaded Triangles with Brass sunburst and orange/white beads
Mid-length beaded triangle fringe in Grey/peach/orange
Short-length beaded triangle fringe in Cream/Slate/Yellow/Black
Brass half moons with turquoise bead drops
Huge Black Hoops with multi beading
Brass Double half moons with pink/orange triangle beads
Brass Evil Eyes with beaded dangles black/green beads
All Brass small hoops with Neptune dangles
Brass w/black & white beading
Yellow Tortoise Hoops with Sage/Silver Beading
Black Hoop Earrings with Rabbit charm and Multi beads
Brass Studs with beaded triangle in pink and brown with brass dangles
Brass rainbow with pink/orange beading
Brass/black half circle/faces
Brass circle/ pink & yellow beadings
Black & tan long fringe
Blue/red/yellow fringe
Brass/blue stone drop
Brass peaches
Multi color triangle beaded fringe
Neon green beaded triangle / brass teardrops
Teal/pink/black/tan long beaded fringe
Red beads / blue acetate /yellow tulip
Brass circle / center beading/beige - red - brown
Brass half circles w small circle
Brass yoga
Brass circle/black half circle/brass teardrop
Brass snakes
Black/brass half circles w brass circle
Brass half circle/black circle/ brass dangles
Brass circle - brass dangle
Brass leaf
Brass eye
Brass scalloped triangle-small
Brass scalloped triangle - large
Black - brass eye - teal beads
Brass fan with circle
Purple beaded circles
Brass with blue beaded evil eye
Blue beads/yellow flower
Small Hoop W/ Tiger Eye + Lapis
Small Hoop w/ Gold Drops
Small Hoop w/ Ochre Seed Bead Dot
Gold Vermeil Flower Necklace
Long Pendant w/Black Beads and Gold Vermeil Spike
Black, Gold, and Oatmeal Wide Cuff
Black Snake Charm
White Snake Charm
Storm Cloud
Rainbow With Chain and Blue Beads
Black and Gold Long Fringe
Double Triangle Seed Bead
Large Hoop With Oatmeal Seed
Extra Large Black Seed Bead
Three Tier Seed Bead Drop Earrings
Black, White, and Ochre Seed dad With Brass Detail
Smoking Quartz Long Rectangle
Large all brass drop
Blue/Green Leaf

Handmade Earrings & Necklaces by Emily of Bird of Passage jewelry. Light-weight and made in New Mexico, USA.

Each piece is One of a Kind.