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Duckfeet - Århus Shearling Boot

Duckfeet - Århus Shearling Boot

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Århus Shearling Cold Weather Boot. Handmade by Duckfeet in Denmark.

The Århus [awr-hoos] is cozy-comfortable right out of the box, thanks to its buttery-soft pebbled leather upper and wool lining. The natural crepe sole can be replaced when worn, extending the life of the boot for years of warm and comfortable wear.

This fabulous boot is unisex. Great for women and men. Please see our fit guide to determine your size. 

  • UPPER: Water-resistant eco-friendly terracare® leather
  • LINING: 100% shearling wool
  • SOLE: Natural Italian crepe rubber
  • STYLE: Slip-on, stand up/fold over collar
  • ARCH: Flat
  • SIZING: DUE TO THE SHEARLING LINING, WE SUGGEST SIZING UP 1 SIZE. Duckfeet fit true to size. Medium to wide fit. Wide toe box allows toes to splay naturally. See our fit guide
  • MADE: Sourced & produced entirely within Europe

All Duckfeet leathers are naturally water-resistant and will keep most moisture out. However, water stains can occur after heavy saturation. If you notice water stains, take a cloth and lightly damp the entire shoe; let dry completely. Leather cream may be applied to help increase water resistance and will also help keep them in tip-top shape.


Leather is skin, and skin needs care. We recommend that you apply a thin layer of leather conditioner or shoe cream at regular intervals. Don't use too much at one time. It's better to use a little less more often. Let the shoe cream sit for a few minutes and polish afterwards with a soft cloth. We suggest using a shoehorn when putting on your duckfeet - they are easier to get on and this prevents over-wearing on the back. Untie or unzip the shoes or boots completely when you remove them - so they are easier to pull off. It's better for your duckfeet than trampling on them! If you care for your duckfeet regularly, you will enjoy them longer. Your duckfeet will be grateful for it. Need leather care?


Store your duckfeet in a dry and airy place. If your duckfeet become wet, fill them with crumpled newspaper and let them air-dry. When they are completely dried, you can again apply leather conditioner or shoe cream. Leather boots, shoes, and sandals should not be dried on a radiator - the leather becomes dried out and porous. If the leather gets water stains, take a cloth and slightly dampen your duckfeet. Treat the leather afterwards as described above. It is best to change your footwear daily. Give your Duckfeet a day's rest, so they can release the foot's moisture and dry thoroughly.


If your duckfeet get dirty, clean them with a damp cloth. Let them dry thoroughly and treat the leather again with shoe cream or leather conditioner. Be attentive to edges and seams, which should also be treated to maintain the leather and protect your duckfeet against water.


Crepe rubber soles can become hard at low temperatures, but this can be avoided by storing the shoes at a temperature between 66-76 F. If the soles become hard, you can place the shoes on a warm radiator, until the crepe rubber is soft again. Avoid contact with solvents. The rubber cannot tolerate it and may dissolve.

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