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Lana Dura

Coasters by Lana Dura

Coasters by Lana Dura

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Hand-washable wool felt coasters made by Lana Dura in Taos, NM. Rare Navajo-Churro wool hand-felted and sewn in a variety of natural colors--- black, white, browns, grays...) With different designs on each side, a set of four mails easily. Gift for the foodie, gift for the cook, and great gift for wine enthusiasts. Environmentally-friendly Southwest product!

Each set includes four, two-sided coasters that are each reversible. 

Absorbent for iced drinks as well as thick insulators--- keep coffee, tea and cocoa mugs warm.
Interesting coasters are a great investment (protecting furniture) but also a conversation starter!

Navajo-Churro are a heritage breed of sheep found primarily in the Southwest states, sheep whose ancestors traveled with the Spanish Conquistadores in the 1500s. Walking with these explorers exploring this 'New World,' the sheep provided them food and clothing and were welcomed at the missions and with Native Americans. Their rare wool remains popular with spinners and weavers.

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