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Handmade Jewelry by Bird of Passage

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Black/White with brass
Black irridescent beads and multi drop
Brass eye with blue beading
Brass with citrine and gold beads
Full/Half Moon hammered brass with shine brass fringe
Brass ovals with Sea glass Triangles
Brass Half Moon/Circles with Blue stones and Onyx spears
Brass - half moon-circle-half circle
Brass beaded eye
Yellow-orange beaded triangles with brass fringe
Brass - half moon - rainbow-circle
Brass circle - one fringe
Brass Circles with Red/White stripe
Tortoise Hoops with Hand Beaded Sage Fringe
Long Beaded Triangles with Brass sunburst and orange/white beads
Mid-length beaded triangle fringe in Grey/peach/orange
Short-length beaded triangle fringe in Cream/Slate/Yellow/Black
Brass half moons with turquoise bead drops
Huge Black Hoops with multi beading
Brass Double half moons with pink/orange triangle beads
Brass Evil Eyes with beaded dangles black/green beads
All Brass small hoops with Neptune dangles
Brass w/black & white beading
Yellow Tortoise Hoops with Sage/Silver Beading
Black Hoop Earrings with Rabbit charm and Multi beads
Brass Studs with beaded triangle in pink and brown with brass dangles
Brass rainbow with pink/orange beading
Brass/black half circle/faces
Brass circle/ pink & yellow beadings
Black & tan long fringe
Blue/red/yellow fringe
Brass/blue stone drop
Brass peaches
Multi color triangle beaded fringe
Neon green beaded triangle / brass teardrops
Teal/pink/black/tan long beaded fringe
Red beads / blue acetate /yellow tulip
Brass circle / center beading/beige - red - brown
Brass half circles w small circle
Brass yoga
Brass circle/black half circle/brass teardrop
Brass snakes
Black/brass half circles w brass circle
Brass half circle/black circle/ brass dangles
Brass circle - brass dangle
Brass leaf
Brass eye
Brass scalloped triangle-small
Brass scalloped triangle - large
Black - brass eye - teal beads
Brass fan with circle
Purple beaded circles
Brass with blue beaded evil eye
Blue beads/yellow flower

Handmade Earrings & Necklaces by Emily of Bird of Passage jewelry. Light-weight and made in New Mexico, USA.

Each piece is One of a Kind.