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Navajo-Churro Wool Hand Felted Runners by Lana Dura

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Navajo-Churro Wool Felt Runner, hand-washable and reversible with different design on the flip side. Hand-made by Lana Dura in Taos, NM. Unique Southwest product. Dimensions approximately 18" wide and 50" long. Creates an unusual tea ceremony mat or an all-natural alter-cloth. Or think creative and unique wall art and so easy to hang. Environmentally friendly house gift.

All wool colors are natural [no dyes, ever] because of the stunning varieties in Navajo-Churro sheep genetics! This usually includes white and blacks, grays and browns and amounts of each color are limited and different with every shearing. Environmentally friendly and sustainable wool. This wool is from rare and heritage sheep breed still found primarily in the Southwest states.