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Packable Sun Hat by BAGGU

Packable Sun Hat by BAGGU

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Butter Yellow
Adobe Sand

The sun always shines, even when you don’t see it. It's there behind the clouds! So pack a hat, 'cause you never know when you’ll want a little instant shade. It packs into itself and bursts forth when needed—just like the sun through those clouds. And the wind? Let it blow, that’s what the chin straps are for anyways.

● Packs into its own circular pouch for easy carrying and storage
● Adjustable headband and chin straps
● Fits heads sizes up to 23 ½"
● Brim diameter measures 19 ¾"
● 100% organic cotton
● Machine washable

How to pack your hat back into it's pouch:
● Grab your hat brim like a steering wheel, with your hands 180˚ apart
● Twist in opposite directions and bring each hand toward the opposite wrist
● The brim should create not just two but three coils. Grab the middle coil and sort of guide it into place between the outside two
● Sandwhich the coils together
● Pack into pouch. Voilá!