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SEA WITCH / Sea Clay Botanical Face Mask

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This sea clay face mask is a powerful oil absorber but doesn't strip your skin of the essentials. The natural Icelandic kelp helps your skin to retain moisture, keeping your skin hydrated for longer. It also works double-time to reduce inflammation and soften skin as it hydrates.

Each jar comes with a wooden spoon for mixing and mask preparation.


◇  SEA CLAY - absorbs oil, tighten pores, reduces inflammation, softens skin

    ◇  KELP - rich in iodine and minerals, softens skin, hydrating

      ◇  LAVENDER - kills bacteria, unclogs pores, reduces inflammation, reduces discoloration

      Mix equal parts powder and water (or liquid of your choice) until paste forms. Apply to clean face and let sit for 10 minutes or until dry. Rinse mask and moisturize as usual. This mask can be used 2-3x per week, or can be used daily as an acne spot treatment.

      Try mixing with the following instead of water:

         ◇  Flower water

         ◇  Honey

         ◇  Milk

         ◇  Plain yogurt

         ◇  Lemon juice

         ◇  Apple cider vinegar


      • Please use wooden spoon to mix and prepare your mask. Avoid using metal bowls or utensils to mix your mask. The metal interacts with the clay and diminishes its detoxifying capacity.
      • DO NOT USE IF you have a fish or shellfish allergy. This mask contains ingredients harvested from the ocean and may contain occasional shell fragments.