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Boxie Bijou by Tracy Engelien

Boxie Bijou by Tracy Engelien

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Boxie Bijou is a beading passion project by the Boxie Tees owner and founder, Tracy Engelien. Each piece is designed and handmade and one-of-a-kind. 

What does Bijou mean?
Something delicate, elegant and highly prized. A word borrowed from the French bijou (pl. bijoux) is an intricate jewellery piece incorporated into clothing, or worn by itself on the body.
With each piece, we want to offer something prized, something special, something elegant, and something unique to the wearer. 
Each piece is handmade in Taos, NM where Tracy lives and works. Constantly inspired by the stunning Taos scenery and natural elements, she uses nature as her muse to bring forth a jewelry piece that encompasses all the land provides…crystals, stones, metallics and gems. 
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