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Infuse & Booze

Infuse & Booze Infusion Kits

Infuse & Booze Infusion Kits

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Our infusions are FULL of flavor so you don't have to worry about the taste or having all the ingredients on hand. Once you pour your favorite spirit into one of our kits, the hard part is done. The flavors will mingle over the next few days and you'll have the base to make an amazing cocktail!

What type of spirit should I add?

We love to offer suggestions and will do so on our Recipe page and what flavor profile works best with each drink. We're not strict on the rules here though so use whatever you love! Vodka, Gin, Bourbon, Whiskey, Rum, Tequila, Wine and Champagne are all great options for our infusions. 

Looking for a booze free Mocktail?? Just add your favorite non-alcoholic spirits. 

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